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CRUMBS bread factory specializes in Eu­ropean bread and pastry baking. We use natural, artisan methods and the finest quality ingredients to bake our breads and pastries. All our products are hand-made and baked using reci­pes and techniques perfected over cen­turies.

In order to give you a direct access to these treats, CRUMBS has opened café/shops where you can not only have a cup of coffee with your favorite pastry but also enjoy a great meal. Sandwiches, soups, salads and more other delicious products are made right at CRUMBS kitchen.

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Quality you can trust

Finding that one special place where you can spend your time with friends, enjoy good food, have an aromatic cup of coffee with a piece of delicious pastry or simply take away your favorite bread or sandwich is truly exciting. Our team works very hard for you to experience all of the above at CRUMBS bakery.


Eating healthy never
tasted so good

Bread is the oldest and most basic food and we try to preserve bread baking methods. Therefore, we do not use any types of chemicals or additives to artificially improve the appearance. Furthermore, to improve the quality we avoid using yeast in our breads and instead use natural leavening agents, which enhance both the taste and the quality of the product. At our café-shops you can find more than 10 different types of bread such as baguettes, olive breads, 100% sourdough rye breads, whole wheat breads and more.

Traditional french baguette with rich,
cruckling, russet crust and aromatic
Olive bread
Olive bread made with italian ciabatta bread dough and aleppo olives.
100% Rye bread
100% rye bread is ideal for weight loss diets and for people who have diabetes.
Walnut bread
Walnuts make this a scrumptious, healthy bread rich in omega 3 fatty acids and loads of vitamins.
Normandy bread
Unlike our other breads, this one is made with butter, which gives it a softer crumb and a crunchy crust.
White round loaf
Plain white loaf that simply suits everyone's taste.
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White round sourdough loaf with seeds
Black, white sesamee seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and flexseeds are generously kneaded into our perfect white dough for a crunchy, hearty delight.
Walnut and sun dried fruits bread
Dried armenian apricots, plums and walnuts are perfectly kneaded into this whole wheat and rye dough.
Sundried tomato and oregano bread
Delicious sun dried tomatoes and oregano mixed into italian ciabatta dough. This dough has an exceptionally high content of extra virgin olive oil.
Whole-wheat and rye sourdough bread
This whole wheat and rye sourdough bread holds back hunger and helps in maintaining a healthy weight.
Buckwheat bread
This combination of freshly ground buckwheat flour and whole wheat flour creates a very fragrant and tasty bread.
Dark baguette with seeds
This bread is full of vitamins and minerals due to its hight content of black, white sesamee seeds, sunflower seeds and flexseeds.


We bake with passion

At CRUMBS you can find a great variety of exceptionally tasty pastries and viennoiserie. All these treats are handmade and baked each day several times to satisfy your sweet cravings. Tart toppings are changed throughout the year to give you the natural taste of seasonal fruits.

Classic french croissants made with butter based dough.
Almond croissant
Croissants filled with utterly delisious home-made almond paste and covered with a layer of sliced almonds.
Pain aux raisins
Snail shaped croissant dough filled with vanilla cream and raisins.
Lemon tart
Tart shells filled with lemon cream and covered with cooked meringue
Chocolate tart
Dark chocolate cream tart covered with chocolate ganache and hazelnuts.
Raspberry tart
Tart shells filled with vanilla cream and topped with fresh raspberries
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Plum tart
Czar plum tart filled with almond cream
Cinnamon roll
Super soft cinnamon and walnut rolls.
Cherry and almond pie
Perfectly balanced cherry and almond pie.
Delightful variety of raspberry dewberry and chocolate banana muffins topped with oats and walnuts.
Carrot muffin
Tasty carrot muffins full of nuts and cinnamon.
The best-ever brownies made with top quality dark chocolate.
Chocolate muffin
Delicious chocolate muffins topped with white chocolate and cream cheese.
Carrot Cake
Classic carrot cake full of coconut flakes, raisins and walnuts.
These traditional French eclairs come in chocolate, caramel and pistachio flavors.
Cherry and dark chocolate pastry
Dark chocolate mixed with oats and sunflower seeds covered with a thin layer of cherry jelly.
Cherry, apricot and pistachio tart
Unique combination of cherry, apricot and pistachio cream in a buttery tart shell.
Apricot and pistachio tart
Armenian apricot with pistachio cream will leave anyone happy.
Green matcha and redcurrant tart
High quality japanese green matcha tea cake covered with fresh red currant.
Crispy and crunchy cookie assortment with chocolate, chocolate chip and honey ginger flavors.


Naturally delicious

To give you the best lunch possible, we have developed a wide range of sandwiches made with the freshest and exclusive ingredients such as home made sun dried tomatoes, fire roasted peppers, aubergines and more. All CRUMBS sandwiches are made with our own variety of breads, which makes them even tastier and unique.

Every day we offer a special “soup of the day” which can be enjoyed with a slice of speciality bread.

For those who would like to have a lighter lunch, CRUMBS offers giant-sized freshly made salads that will definitely leave anyone satisfied.

Mozzarella and pesto caprese
Mozzarella, pesto, tomato, toast bread.
Mushroom & vegetables ciabatta
Mushrooms, carrots, roasted vegetables, lettuce.
Crumbs' burger
Bacon, cheese, beef, Crumbs' mayonnaise, ketchup, onion, tomato, lettuce.
Sundried tomato ciabatta
Cheese, sundried tomatoes, roasted peppers and basil.
BELT sandwich
Bacon, tomato, lettuce, fried egg, toast bread.
Ham & cheese panini
Ham, cheese, Crumbs mayonnaise.
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Zucchini & spinach soup
Cream soup made with fresh zuccini and spinach.
Tomato soup
Exquisite tomato soup with a little bit of cream.
Corn soup
Everyone's favourite corn soup made with coconut milk and 5 different spices.

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